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Anthony started his work life as a construction laborer and began working in the field of architecture in 1964; while working as a draftsman, he went to night school at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He continued at Arizona State University, where he had the good fortune to study with the modern pioneers of passive solar building design in America.

Anthony started his own firm in 1979, and was a licensed architect in Washington and Oregon before retiring his license in 2022.  He has served as the Sustainability Division chair for the American Solar Energy Society, board president of the Solar Energy Association of Oregon (now Solar Oregon) and as a board member for community business associations.

When Anthony and Victoria met, they found that their different paths had led them to similar values and concerns about the way we live and interact with the natural world. They frequently collaborate on classes and articles about passive solar green building design. Their love of people, commitment to moving society toward more sustainable culture, Anthony’s technical expertise and Victoria’s ability to “translate” concepts into everyday language make their presentations inspiring for professionals and homeowners alike.

Today Anthony provides eco-design consultation, working with a full range of consultants, including structural, electrical and mechanical engineers with relationships extending more than 20 years. The services of cost estimators, specification writers, landscape architects, and wastewater specialists are called upon as appropriate.

Anthony Stoppiello

Anthony Stoppiello has over 35 years architecture and eco-design experience, emphasizing solar, healthy and environmentally preferable materials, with maximum natural light and energy efficiency.

He provides consulting, talks and hands-on workshops covering solar energy, site evaluation, and remodeling utilizing permaculture principles.

Most recently, Anthony has been teaching Sustainable Building at Clatsop Community College…a course required for students in the college’s Historic Preservation degree program.

Victoria Stoppiello

Victoria received degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Colorado. Her management work has focused on higher education and non-profit organizations. She has served as president of non-profit boards of directors, and as a planning commissioner and city councilor. Her freelance writing work includes newspaper coverage of local government, editorial commentaries, and articles in national publications including Solar Today, Fine Homebuilding, and BackHome magazines.


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