Straw Bale Homes

Nov 15 2012

Is your building site near a major highway or an airport? Creating a serene interior is one of the major attributes of a strawbale home: sound deadening. But there are other attributes that have made strawbale houses attractive to more and more people: re-use of a waste material (straw from wheat, rice and other grains is typically burned in the field), flexibility that allows curved walls, and superior insulation compared with standard two by six construction.

Exterior stucco and proper overhangs and foundations make strawbale homes as weatherproof as any other. Anthony Stoppiello designed the first code-permitted strawbale house on the Oregon coast—the Gibson residence, featured on our website—and is in the design phase for a new strawbale home and shop in Lane County, Oregon.

Anthony Stoppiello has been a pioneer in passive solar homes in Oregon and Washington for 30 years.

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